Thomas Sullivan is a graphic designer based in Dana Point, California; Senior Creative at National Forest Design and Design Director for NFOC, with a focus on branding, art direction, and design.

With National Forest, Thomas has had the opportunity to work alongside brands big and small, creating visual languages for action sports giants, tech corporations and young startups alike, striking the balance between timeless and forward-thinking; keeping things simple, smart and with lots of heart.

Thomas was born in North Carolina, raised in Texas and spent the last 20 years in New York and  Los Angeles working for a handful of companies in music and design (Insound, Dangerbird, and American Apparel, to name a few.) For the last 10 years Thomas has been an integral part of the team at National Forest Design, and currently operates the NFOC office.



Graphic Design
Art Direction

Print Design

Packaging Design
Catalog Design
Front-end Development
Identity Systems

Environmental Design
Type Design

Works by Thomas Sullivan

Senior Creative at National Forest Design
Operating NFOC
Dana Point, CA